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Help raise £5000 to re-elect Peter Black.


Peter_Black_photo.jpgElections to the Welsh Assembly take place on 5th May 2016. 

The choice in South Wales West is between hardworking local campaigner Peter Black or an inexperienced candidate from one of the well-financed big parties.

Re-electing Peter Black will mean he can continue to fight for better health services in Wales, campaign to scrap the Severn Bridge tolls and fight for a more investment in our area, including an Urban Development Company in Port Talbot to attract new jobs in the face of 750 redundancies at Tata Steel. That's why we are asking you to help raise a fighting fund for extra leaflets, phone calls and action days to help beat off the big party challenge. 

Labour are funded by unions; Tories and UKIP are funded by big business. We rely on donations from our generous supporters.

The choice on the second regional list ballot paper is between Peter and a UKIP or another Tory AM. The opinion polls show it is really too close to call, which is why we need to step up our campaigning. That requires funding.

Please give what you can to help re-elect Peter Black.

Donate £5

Donate a fiver and get a virtual 'high five' from Peter and his team (virtual hand shakes also available!)

Donate £10

£10 will sponsor a round of leaflets to three local streets

Donate £20

Donate £20 and get a campaign poster signed by Peter Black

Donate £50

Get a signed Peter Black campaign poster AND get put on the guest list for the post-election thank you party

Donate £100

Join Peter's "100 Club" and get a personal thank you from Peter AND get on the post-election party guest list

Donate £500

Donors of £500 or more will be invited to have dinner with Peter Black to discuss the campaign

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